4th Quarter II

Unit 4. It is good to be young

4.1. Ser/Estar

  • When do you use Ser or Estar?

Unit 5. Travel & City

5.1 Llegar and Ir / Interpersonal Questions.

5.2 Cuba, Santo Domingo & Puerto Rico *Cultural. 

Learning History about Cuba, Santo Domingo & Puerto Rico

  • Lecture about the culture, music, heritage, Traditional dressing and food
  • Describe the city of Santo Domingo, Cuba and Puerto Rico…
  • Holidays in Cuba and Santo Domingo…
  • One day of computer
  • Family Feud *Final Assesment…

5.3 Store: *Adjectives (How is it? Expensive, Fancy, affordable…)  & Preterite

5.4. The clothing:  Verb Tener/Adjectives & description

5.5 The clothing: Verb Tener/Adjectives & description

Unit 6. Celebrations

6.1 The imperfect & Preterit

Recording project: Students will record the song after school the imperfect of Lady Gaga…

Project & Packaged Reinforcement