2nd Quater

You will find a weekly index with the topic, each day’s Power Point and worksheet used. You must click on it in order to visualize or download either of them.

Semana 1. Hablando Espanol en Clase (10.17.2016-10.21.2016)

Día 1. Review Verb Ser  Not Power Point / Worksheet

Día 2. Review Verb Ser  Not Power Point / Not Worksheet

Día 3. Expectations, Procedures, Rewards and ClassDojo.  Power Point / Quiz

(Ask to the teacher for your quiz).

Dia 4.

Día 5.

Semana 2. La Familia y  Las tradiciones de Mexico (10.24.16-10.28.16) 

Dia 1. Review vocabulario: Adjectivos y familia

Día 2. Listening & Reading Comprehension for Family

Día 3. Review: Possesives/ Vocabulary Quiz.

Día 4. Drafting who is my family and I?

Día 5. https://docs.google.com/a/trezevanthighschool.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdX_ikndAjvI6CC15SnofFyDtzXydHgOcPkuykj3hHR3RTfvw/viewform?embedded=true“>Online Assesment.