Alexander Halmiton: The Musical

Since, I moved to the United State. I have learned I am an Immigrant and I different wish it could be translated as normal for the fact that everybody is different in their way to see things. However, there is a wonderful value with it that it is not appreciate or may be loss in today’s United State culture. I am not talking about the illustrated people or politician who most likely to te accepting the diversity as part of the constitution of this country. I am talking about a nation who forgot their roots and they see themselves as “America”.

“America” is a country divided by races and ethnicity. Furthermore, it is scared of what is different to them. As Spanish teacher in High School ,I have seen it in my students who identify themselves as their in particular races and do not recognize diversity as wonderful but, not related to them. I think this mistake it seems a repetition of a history of hate, fear, blood and isolation.

How different is this “America” from “My America” in my country and most likely in the Caribbean we recognize our race mix as part of culture where africans, natives and Spanishs build nations where color, race and ethnic became blurry over the years. However, the stigmas are still in some people where the mentally did not cross over the new Era. I am  sure that “America” is still dealing with the same issues, Acceptances of belief, culture and race are more a “legal tolerance” due our constitution.

Now, Halmiton’s The Musical is another picture that represent why “America”is the land of the opportunities, dreamers, thinkers and doers. A land fulfilled of diversity and tolerance. Where the politics are build upon the benefits of the citizens.  This could not be better explained than our own president Barack Obama who charisma just can be from a Caribean man as it was once Halmiton, his sincere smile from his father and understanding of his mix and American culture because of  his mother.

Halmiton is a piece of art that our society we should share the message with our students. If we want to build those relationships banish by the past our nation, because, the living of this past as a present it will not let to any future.

I am leaving some links with the Art work of the Puerto Rican Lin-Manuel Miranda.




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