Trip Ideas!

The students from OHS enjoyed a wonderful trip where they could dance and enjoy themselves thanks to the work done by the Hispanic Flamenco Ballet. They come to Memphis and different states each year.

So, hopefully next year it would be a great opportunity to participate in this events.

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Video OHS & SCS- Enjoying Trip


Outlining: Teaching the skills for writing

Good Morning, Amigos!

Today was a impressive not just lesson but, development from my students I could learn from them more than I was expecting. During, the day week I was needing to teaching them how to build questions and complex sentences… Lord my brain was working as fast I could to help my students how to develop this skills. My principal who is a one of the experts in the district say it more than once “Go deep not wide referring”. It is more work but, less stressful when you see the improvement of the youth that was assigned to you.

Back to this lesson

On Monday my honors class we will reviewing answering basic questions with this formula: Noun + Verb + Wh-Information or information. Now, working on that we were able to create a fundamental of the questioning words then, purpose of do questions in Spanish.

On Tuesday we went through answering question of daily routine with words of frequency. There was my favorite friends ours “Preguntas perezosas” there are “Si/No questions” we work toguether in analizy the sentences so that we could addressed any misconception right there “We do Component”

TPRS’ Activities for the Students

Spanish 2

Having and engaging in Spanish Comedy.

During the last month my students has been reviewing with me all the vocab studied as part of their developing in writing and answering questions. However, my Spanish 2 has developed a create skill to create their own stories based on Wh-questions.

I was looking for extras resources to build new engaging lessons for them which they can develop their skills. I know some other first Spanish Teacher will be eager to implement this type of teaching as well.

So, I hope you can enjoy this resource.