Classroom Managament

After my first semester teaching for Shelby County Schools has been a wonderful experience. It was a perfect picture of survival mode most of the time as not experienced teaching before it was tough to understand how to be successful under these settings. However inspire student not to give up!

Remind me to do it so…

El juego…

Set up with the students expectations in the classroom and provide them with the opportunity to internalize was all a challenge. It was fun add the begin expect they just remembered. Later, I so myself teaching then right away Spanish and handing expectation and waiting from their part the accontability to achieved success with a basic routine. It would never happens (First mistake)…

After in the second semester,

I saw myself teaching the routine in different way, next to the commands. It got better thanks to that students understood, I will not give up instructional time to any type of distractions.

Advice: If you see yourself struggling to correct students behavior remember to rest. Confident just can be achieved by preparation, preparation, preparation… Look at your life as “Big picture”. Show that picture to your students and help them to achieved with motivation, accountability and trust that they can do it.

  • Keep the data visible…
  • They will grow from your practice, your learn from their interest and joy for learning.
  • Be eager to listen what is outside of the classroom and bring it to your students view that may help them to understand more than one purpose of the subject. We can tell this is the matter.
  • Set, set, set, set goals… It was knowing how important it is it would change all my first semester to a new level.
  • Love, care and be professional… You are a leader. Leaders care, listen and teach being professionals prepare to face any type of situations. You should inspire them to be better and they sure will try to be..
  • Each classroom is a community, work in provide a real learning culture.
  • Read, read, read, you ask to your student to read. Just do it! this a career where we are performance, role model and leaders.
  • Take care of yourself, it is easy to lead yourself just to school paperwork, analyse of student performance, and more.. Go out there and share that experience to your students as well. They need to see you being human but also, being awesome so they will more likealy to follow your path.
  • Desing, desing, desing…assesment and asigment…
  • Be a dreamer create a classroom who any one will fill welcome to be in. A learning enviroment